Our History

S.K. Pashmina Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Nepal’s highly admired Cashmere production house with the largest production networking in the entire country. We are mainly focused on the Knitting and weaving industry and have been serving our customers for 25 years with better quality and affordable price. Over the years, our company has been able to utilize its physical, capital, and natural resources in such a way that we have left behind our competitors. Today, we can proudly boost our production capacity that has always been able to satisfy market demand. Our company can produce 8,000 pieces of shawls and 4,000 pieces of knitwear a month. In the past, it was challenging for the company to manage human, capital, financial and technical resources. However, today we have turned this challenge into an opportunity and have been contributing to enhancing national GDP. 

Similarly, in the future, we hope to enhance our future capacities with 145 skilled and semi-skilled employees. We will be taking our production capacity to a higher level than not just uplifts the company’s profit but also directly or indirectly increases national growth. Fulfillment of every customer demand is not only our business obligation but a choice to increase the market share in the long run. 
Our company’s philosophy is based on “You get what you pay for”. This means that our shawls are of varied qualities. In this way, we have different wholesale prices to cater to the needs of our diversified buyers. We make our unique products by analyzing consumer behavior and in-depth market research. 

Our Mission

We carry the mission to introduce new and varied cashmere products of high quality at a reasonable price to our loyal customers into the Nepali market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish S.K. pashmina as one of the largest, sustained, goal-oriented, and leading pashmina manufacturers in Nepal. .

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Message from the
Managing Director

It brings me to the immense pleasure stating as a managing director of S.K. Pashmina Industry that our company is one of the most esteemed cashmere manufacturers of the entire nation. We are providing quality products to the customers through market analysis and research. We are proud to say that our business is doing well in the land of the Himalayas where there are diverse topography and a difficult transportation system. Since 1988, our business has focused on accelerating the growth strategy realizing the development potential in the cashmere industry. Pashmina is one of the major exportable items of Nepal. Therefore, quality products with better service will represent our nation in the international market. We are driving forward with higher production capacities. For this, capital investment, the addition of quality manpower, and resource mobilization are very essential. 

We are serving our diversified customers who have different needs and necessities. As a company, we believe the study of consumer behavior is another accountability to identify market potential. S.K. Pashmina looks forward to your continuous support and valuable suggestions from time to time.