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Are you willing to buy pashmina online from world’s renown online shopping store? Woolen clothes have been in use for a very long period of time. Especially for the winter season, they are very comfortable and warm. Pashmina clothes are one of them. Not long ago, around like 1-2 decades ago, they were like one of the most well-worn clothings of elites or the rich peoples. They are usually made from the hair rare species of goats(Capra Hircus) known as Chiru or the Tibetan Antelope. The hairs are extremely warm, delicate and soft as they are mountainous goats which live at high altitude at very low atmospheric temperature. So it becomes obvious to have such covering on the skin of those goats. They shed their coat of hair once a year in the summer season.

It is said that one Pashmina shawl requires hair from three goats. This is the reason why Pashmina products are exorbitanting in price and it's hard to get 100% pure pashmina products. Those who are very concerned about their fashion would not like to buy any fakes. For getting 100% pure pashmina online please contact SKPASHMINA in whatever way we like either online or offline. They are the most thrust worthy dealers in pashmina product marketing. They have different pashmina products with different designs and colors at an adequate and appropriate price range. 

To confirm that the product which a person is buying is a genuine or a legit product without any fakes, one can try the following points:-

Buy Genuine Pashmina Online from SKPashmina Online Store

Pashmina products are extremely soft and they are not straight and bumpy which means they don’t stick to other materials rather than the other pashmina products themselves. They don’t cause any allergic reactions which mean they are hypoallergenic.

➤  All the genuine pashmina products are carrying labels

Any product which says that they are pashmina products but is without label then there raises a red flag of that product being a fake one. Because all the pashmina products display its quality through the label as the percentage of cashmere used in it. Those labels are like a quality insurance certificate to the pashmina products.

➤ Transparency is not seen in the original pashmina product

The original pashmina product doesn’t show even a small amount of transparency. If the product is anyhow transparent then it is a fake product for sure.

➤ Pure Pashmina products are always uneven 

The pashmina products with the even texture at it is usually a fake one since the original pashmina products are never of even texture at any place.

➤ No generation of static electricity 

As funny as it may sound but it is true synthetic fiber like acrylic and polyester when rubbed together generate large amounts of static electricity along with small sparks. As in the case of Pashmina products don't create any charge sparking or static electricity when rubbed to anything.

➤ Often pilling layer appearance

Since Pashmina products are layers of animal fiber, a pilling layer usually appears there. No matter how many times it has been piled it will keep on appearing. Well one thing is sure that after every pilled layer the appearing other pilling layer may be thin but will not completely disappear. If there is no pilling layer appearance on the product then there is a high possibility that some synthetic fibers are mixed in it or maybe it is completely synthetic.

➤ Burnt hair smell fragrance 

While doing this test, we got to be very careful since no one would like to burn down the whole beautiful piece of art. If it's an original one then anyone would regret it with very deep emotion; no doubt!. For this test we need to burn a small piece of the product that will leave the smell of burnt hair with some powdery residue behind. However if the product would be synthetic then it may burn with more brightness and leave a small bump behind with the smell of burnt leaves .

Among all the tricks to find out the original pashmina products this trick is found to be most accurate but this attempt leads to an unpleasant shopping experience for sure along with other risks.

⧭ Along with all of this information we got to be watching out for the Faux Pashmina products too! Don’t know what’s Faux Pashmina is?

➨ Well there are several fake pashmina product with different content in them. Faux pashmina is one of them. As we know the originals cost too much which can’t be afforded by everyone. Many people who like to use stuff like that use fake ones. These faux pashminas are made up of synthetic fiber such as viscose. They are super soft and plush similar to pashmina shawl, but are one of the fakes.

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🙋 How to buy pashmina shawls/stoles/scarves online?

Step.1:- Go to your browser 

Step.2:- Search for or just follow the link there

Step.3:- Click or touch on the Search box and type shawls/stoles/scarves 

Step.4:- Touch or click on the shawls/stoles/scarves which you would like to buy  

Step.5:- Touch or click on the “Add to the cart” option

Step.6:- Wait for the delivery to happen. After the delivery has been made you would be having a 100% pure pashmina shawls/stoles/scarves in your hand 

Step.7:- Payment needs to be on home delivery.

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