Pashmina High Neck for Women

Pashmina is one of the finest fabrics ever known to humankind. Pashminas were considered high quality even before the 9th century. In Persian, the word ‘Pashm’ translates to wool and in Urdu, it translates to unspun wool. Pashminas are made from the finest wool of Cashmere goats, also known as Changthangi goats, Chyangras in different parts of the world. Pashmina scarves and sweaters were very popular during the Mughal reign in Kashmir. Kashmir is one of the popular regions which produce the finest cashmere wool. In Nepal, Chyangras are used to make cashmere wools which are very popular all over the world. Nepalese pashminas are well received by many foreign customers due to their high quality and reasonable price.

Very gentle on the skin, pleasantly warm, sleek to touch, and high premium to wear – all these qualities make Pashminas the most desired fiber on the planet. Cashmere and Pashmina wool range between 7 and 20 microns which makes them one of the best fibres on planet earth. If we compare a sheep’s wool is about 35-40 microns. Only about 150 can be produced from one goat making it one of the rarest fibres in the world.

Pashmina High Neck/T-neck Pashmina

Pashmina High Neck T- Neck

Pashmina's high necks are one of the most desirable and highly stylish sweaters for women. Not only do high necks keep them warm but also provide comfort. Pashmina High Neck is always elegant to wear on any occasion. Women and ladies of all ages desire it at any parties, functions, gatherings, workplace, or any formal events. As one of the best go-to costumes for ladies, Pashmina High-Neck has always established itself as a premium product worth buying.

The free-size Pashmina High Neck is well suited to ladies of any age or size. Be it a simple or fashionista look, Pashmina High Neck got you covered. It is the best costume to wear during winter that provides warmth but feels very comfortable to wear.

T-neck pashmina is very stylish which is known to enhance your look. A 100% high neck always provides extra softness with light to medium weight. This high neck is best to wear at any formal events, home, and workplace. Different colors give you a different look. High-neck also keeps your neck warm during harsh weather and makes you comfortable to enjoy yourself. This design is excellent to go with high heels or sandals.

A light to medium weight, easy to wear, and easily washable, Pashmina High-neck is the ultimate fashion wear for women.

Pashmina High neck is so elegant and cozy which can be paired with any other costume available in your wardrobe. A T-neck or high neck pashmina is one of the finest fabrics that provides elegance and delight to the eyes. Like most of the pashmina products, High-necks are also high in quality, non-itchy, and premium which is a must-have dress in a women's wardrobe.

Why pashmina High Neck is the best?

Why Pashmina High Neck is the best

Designed and Made in the finest of natural and organic eco-friendly 100% cashmere and pashmina wool.

  • Subtle and cozy that gives you the premium feeling on your skin.
  • Excellent for parties and gatherings, elegantly covering your neck which is simple yet gives a stylish look.
  • Super comfortable and lightweight with eye-catching design which is perfect for ladies, women, or kids as casual or modern fashion wear.
  • Perfectly blends with outer coat and other formal dress on any occasion.
  • Hand knitted high necks are always meticulously designed to give the trendiest and fashionista look.
  • Illuminates the looks of your friends, family, and loved ones on various occasions.
  • Pashmina's high necks perfectly complement your outer coats and jeans or formal pants to give you that sophisticated and gorgeous look.
  • Designed and Made in the finest of natural and breathable 100% cashmere wool.

Where to buy the best quality Pashmina High necks?

Fake pashmina is increasing day by day. The purest of Pashmina products are extremely rare to find. The reason why fake pashminas are brooding rapidly is due to the process that goes into making the purest pashmina product. We at SK Pashmina   are the genuine company to provide purest and artistic Pashminas high necks all over the world especially in Europe and the USA. Feel free to contact us and buy our product here.