Pashmina Panchu For Women

Women are simply beautiful. Nature has crafted the feminine to exude grace, compassion, and humility. It would be icing on the cake if she wears an attire that glorifies the qualities nature has already invested in her.

Right fashion at the right place not only helps you be confident, but serves the very purpose of fashion. Your personality would definitely shine with the perfect fashion sense. 

Pashmina panchu for women is exactly the attire that resembles the above sentences. A Freestyle sweater that would keep you warm and reveal your beauty as it had never been before. 

Its design is such that it goes well on skirts or with full-length pants and trousers. Matching the attire with proper footwear is another important aspect of fashion. Pashmina panchu for women with high heels footwear would particularly fit well.

Pashmina panchu is crafted using one of the rare and finest fibers called pashmina. The origin of pashmina dates back to the 16th century in Kashmir. It was famous among Mughal royal families due to its premium quality.

They extract pashmina from chyangra, cashmere, and changthangi goats living in the higher Himalayas. It is so rare that wool extracted from 3 goats in a year creates one pashmina panchu.

The secret for pashminas’ premium looks and feel lies in its source; the Himalayan goats. Living in harsh climatic conditions requires the goat to have warm and soft covering from outside for survival. This creates high-quality goat wool ultimately used in the pashmina.

The comfort and elegance panchu brings to the table make it suitable for all occasions. In Colder days, comfort wins over fashion. Breaking the stereotype, Wearing pashmina panchu would roll up in both segments. 

Here at Skpashmina, we have a variety of panchu available. It ranges from long blanket-styled panchu to Nepali cholo styled ones. We also offer longer sleeves panchu.

Various Styles of Pashmina Panchu For Women

1) V-Neck Panchu

Elegance gets another name with this V-Neck panchu. Apart from its ability to flaunt beauty bone, its freestyle look would create a jovial atmosphere around the wearer. In the above picture, the wearer looks stunning in the V-Neck panchu.

2) Blanket styled panchu

Shaped like a rectangle, this panchu resembles a blanket and is more suitable as a wrapper for the upper body. It would go well on both young and aged females. We specifically designed it to wear on casual occasions.

3) Panchu with long sleeves

Flaunting this gorgeous long-sleeved panchu in a professional working environment is a no-brainer. Be it business meetings where your personality needs to shine or is it on open working spaces with your coworkers; it would go great on all those occasions.

Long-sleeved panchu would also go great with those who prefer a general approach to fashion rather than unorthodox designs.

4) Dhaka design panchu

Traditional attire always goes well in any era. Shaped like a blanket, This Dhaka-styled panchu would remain a fashion statement forever. 

Dhaka, a traditional Nepali clothing culture originating from the eastern region of Nepal, holds a special place in people’s hearts. So remaining close to Nepali roots is now possible with this panchu for both natives and foreigners.


Be it for you or your loved one’s wearing the pashmina panchu would definitely bring that bright big smile. Go grab this ultimate fashion icon “pashmina panchu”

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