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Ever heard of this special cloth that only elites had access to before. We are talking about the pashmina scarf masterpiece that can put you in absolute awe.

Today, we learned about pashmina. Also, we would look closely at the reasons behind its pricing. Let us begin:

What is pashmina?

Pashmina comes from the word Pashm, which in Kashmir means raw wool fiber of a domesticated local goat. These fibers are extremely thin with a diameter of merely 10-16 microns. They are one of the most expensive fibers in the world.

What is a pashmina shawl?

Shawls are rectangular, or square-shaped pieces of clothing that are used to wrap the upper body.

So, pashmina shawls are shawls prepared using pashmina as a raw material.

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Justification for its price, which may seem outrageous

A 100% pure pashmina shawl wrap is a work of art and needs immense care during production. First, they take out Pashmina from special breeds of goats by combing only its innermost coat of hair — the craftsmanship starts right there.

Also, pashmina extracted from each goat is few in quantity — likely 100-200 grams(We may need pashmina from 3 to 4 goats for one pashmina shawl). Pashminas are then commonly hand woven; considering the fibers are very delicate and can even break with a little mechanical stress. They then use this hand-woven pashmina for preparing the pashmina shawl.

A finished product, after all this strenuous process, won’t possibly be cheap. Its premium looks and feel have made it more desirable for people. It surely has contributed to higher demand and increases the price, apparently. 

But wait, I found a pashmina shawl for $10. What about that?

Pure pashmina shawl is never likely to be found for a price as low as $10. Businesses may try to cash in the popularity of the pashmina shawl with a fake look-alike. These shawls would have no, or only up to 3 percent of pashmina, and the rest would be fibers like cotton and silk. They may even try to replicate the softness of original pashmina shawls when touched, but they can’t compete with what 100% pure pashmina shawls can offer.

How to distinguish an original pashmina shawl from a fake one?

  1. Ring test


Take a hand ring and put one end of the pashmina shawl through the ring. Now pull the shawl through that end till the very end. If it moves through the ring effortlessly, then it is a genuine product.

  1. Burn test


For this, we can take a small strand of fiber and burn it. If the burnt fiber forms ash and also smells like burnt hair, we can be sure about it being genuine.

  1. Is a label glued to it?

No one glues a product description label into an original pashmina shawl — it is too precious to be done so. If you find a glued label, it is not genuine.


Interesting Facts about pashmina shawl

  • Pashmina shawls would blend nicely with your skin and won’t cause any allergic reactions when worn.

  • Pashmina shawls are warm when worn in the human body, replicating the quality it had when it was on goats' skin.

  • Pashmina shawls are extremely soft when embraced with hands. The reason being the thinner the fiber, the softer it would be.

  • Original pashmina shawls commonly won't have long open threads at their edge, unlike most normal shawls. 

  • Upon close investigation, its handwoven qualities would be clear on pashmina shawls. The weaving would be irregular.

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