What is Cashmere? Why is it so expensive?

Ever heard of cashmere? If not then it will be our pleasure explaining a bit about that with you. Every person loves to look fancy, stylish and attractive to others at different points of their life. Some like to look that way every single time but comfort is also a concern for those who don't like to have an itchy and frustrating mood. Plus we think almost no one likes to stay stylish while hurting themselves (on the surface of their skin). Synthetic products usually are very shiny and eye-catching but it is also very true that many people’s skin generally gets rashes or allergic reactions by those synthetic products. 

In addition to this we all know that we can’t use synthetic products continuously all day long due to some side effects which can ruin our skin. AT SUCH SITUATION NATURAL PRODUCTS LIKE CASHMERE COMES!!! For those products you must contact our store to get 100% pure items. Buy Now!

What is cashmere made of? 

Cashmere is similar to wool with some different properties. We would like to say them as way more qualified products for delicate skins (with some exception who have allergic symptoms with animal hair). Cashmere wool is such a fiber which is obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats and some other breeds of goats. It has been in use for more than hundreds of years. It was at the peak of popularity when it reached Europe in the 19th century. The word “cashmere” is an Anglicization of Kashmir. Although it looks and works similar to those simple wools, it is stronger, finer, softer, lighter and approximately many times more insulating than sheep wool. It is produced at several places in different countries. China and Mongolia are two of the leading producers as of 2019. And Afghanistan was in third place in the manufacture of cashmere.

If you have ever heard of it (cashmere) or searched for natural and comfy clothing especially for the winter season then you have encountered a fact they are very much costly and almost not affordable to everyone. 

Why is cashmere so expensive? What is the speciality of the product?

Well cashmere products do take a lot of time to complete and a lot of mountain goats which like to live in very cold regions for which they grow such amount and quality of hairs to cover themselves up and in order to stay warm has to be managed in proper and stable environmental condition which they need to grow enough hair to collect. It is said that almost 3-4 goats’ shed hairs are completely used to make one simple small product. And it is also true that the goats shed their hair only once a year. Cashmere goats produce two types of hairs; one which is soft undercoated hair mingled with a straighter and much coarser outer coating of hair called guard hair. The month during which they may go under the dehairing process is between early March and late May. Since it is taking a lot of time and resources, it is costly while buying but once you start using it you will definitely understand that it was worth it. The cashmere products as we said before are very comfy due to their extra soft texture and shiny look which kind of look very stylish without giving it any specific design. 

two brown and white goats standing near brown tree during daytime

Many people who try to get more and more cashmere hair as soon as possible do many wrong activities which might affect the natural or the goat itself. For example poor land management and overgrazing to increase production of the valuable fiber has resulted in the decimation and transformation of grasslands into deserts in Asia, increasing local temperature and causing air pollution which has traveled to the Americas. 

Are Cashmeres classified into different forms too? 

­čí║To answer that, yes they are classified into different forms of fibers available for different work on different products some are mentioned below:- 

  • Raw:-  Fiber that has not been processed and is essentially straight from the animal
  • Processed:- Fiber that has been through the processes of dehairing , washing, carding, and is ready either to spin or to knit/ crochet/ weave
  • Virgin:-  New fiber made into yarns, fabrics, or garments for the first time.
  • Recycled:- Fibers reclaimed from scraps of fabrics that were previously woven or felted, and may or may not have been previously used by the consumer from various parts of the world. 

As costly as it is, many fraud people try to make similar but yet low quality clothes which might not be noticeable to the general public in order to earn a lot of money. The fraud business personals make a mixed wool of cashmere with other wool which is generally called as Faux cashmere and sell that product at a similar cost of the original one. We try not to let that happen by informing you of some ways to identify the original one.

Distinguish the Genuine or Fake Cashmere

a)  Genuine Cashmere is soft 

Cashmere products are genuinely soft and they are not straight and bumpy which means they show less stickiness to other materials rather than the other cashmere products themselves. They don’t cause any allergic reactions which mean they are hypoallergenic unless the user is allergic to animal hair.

b) All the genuine cashmere products are usually carrying labels

Any product which says that they are a cashmere product but is without a label then raises a red flag of that product being a fake one. Because all the cashmere products display its quality through the label as the percentage of cashmere used in it. Those labels are like a quality insurance certificate to the cashmere products.

c) Transparency is very low in original cashmere product

The original cashmere product doesn’t show very small in fact almost negligible amount of transparency. If the product is anyhow transparent then it is a fake product for sure.

d) Pure cashmere products are always uneven 

The cashmere products with the even texture at it is usually fake one since the original cashmere products are never of even texture at any place.

e) No generation of static electricity 

As funny as it may sound but it is true synthetic fiber like acrylic and polyester when rubbed together generate large amounts of static electricity along with small sparks. As in the case of cashmere products doesn’t usually create any charge sparking or static electricity when rubbed onto anything.

f) Often pilling layer appearance

Since cashmere products are layers of animal fiber, a pilling layer usually appears there. No matter how many times it has been piled it will keep on appearing. Well one thing is sure that after every pilled layer the appearing other pilling layer may be thin but will not completely disappear. If there is no pilling layer appearance on the product then there is a high possibility that some synthetic fibers are mixed in it or maybe it is completely synthetic.

g) Burnt hair smell fragrance 

While doing this test, we had to be very careful since no one would like to burn down the whole beautiful piece of art. If it's an original one then anyone would regret it with very deep emotion; no doubt!. For this test we need to burn a small piece of the product that will leave the smell of burnt hair with some powdery residue behind. However if the product would be synthetic then it may burn with more brightness and leave a small bump behind with the smell of burnt leaves.

Among all the tricks to find the original cashmere products, this trick is found to be the most accurate but this attempt leads to unpleasant shopping experience for sure along with other risks.

Cashmere has been a royalty choice for many centuries due to its shiny texture and glorious look. Yet there is much misinformation regarding it too. That misinformation affects a lot of people's minds in order to not buy cashmere products. Such as; there is a misconception that animals which produce those cashmere wool are tortured or kept in cruel conditions but those statements are 100 percent false. Those people who are vegan do care about this kind of stuff a lot but they must be informed that no such practice is done by anyone who is involved in the collection of cashmere wool. Animals are treated very nicely for the production of the best quality wool. Those who mistreat them or keep them in cruel environments don’t get the best quality wool.

As for our products too, we assure you that not any kind of cruel acts are involved in the making of those clothes and in addition you are guaranteed to have the best quality products with best prices any shopkeeper could give you.  So if you are feeling interested to try some products made out of cashmere wool then no place would be much better than our store. We even do adjustments regarding the advice of our client so if you have some thoughts about having personally designed clothes then you just have to visit us no any other problems will be faced by you.