100% Pure Cashmere Stole 28"×80"

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Silky pure cashmere stole of dark red color made in Nepal, especially customized for you. Order our quality product with soft silky touch at a reasonable price to look pretty.

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Cashmere stole 28"x80"
Tired of wearing old-fashioned stoles that do not match your modern style? Well, we at SK pashmina got your back. We proudly present to you Cashmere Stole of size 28 by 80 with modern eye-catching design and dazzling color.
We have long furry and silky cashmere stole of size 28 by 80 for women of all ages that go loosely over the shoulder and sometimes around the waist. It gives a modern and stylish touch to our outfits. We at SK Pashmina are dedicated to satisfying our customers by offering products of high quality. We provide stoles with 100 % cashmere wools so you do not have to compromise on the product.  If you are waiting for something dazzling this season, the wait is over. You are just a click away from experiencing a soft silky touch of our products on your skin.
Order our product online at a very reasonable price without any delay and enjoy various offers and discounts before it runs out of stock.


  • 100% cashmere wool and made in Nepal. Dry cleaning is recommended highly. You can hand wash with detergent and no bleaching.
  • You can knot it around your neck as scarves for a formal dress or let it loose over your shoulder, either way, you get the mesmerizing elegant look that dazzles your friends and family. 
  • Wrap the stole around your neck or shoulder and drape the edges over your elbows for that stunning and catchy look.
  • Our designers at SK Pashmina are focused on designing the stylish product that fulfills the modern and stylish requirement of people. Our cashmere stole is available to you at a very reasonable price. We make 100% Cashmere products made from cashmere and pashmina wools which are 3 times more insulating than sheep. Our cashmere stole is a luxurious lightweight stole that blends perfectly with your formal and party dress.
  • Our red Cashmere stole perfectly complements your kurtas and sari and gives you that effortless yet sophisticated look.
  • Our cashmere stole (28x80) collections are knitted and designed artistically keeping in mind our cultural values to give the traditional yet modern look 
  • Exquisite and popular gifting materials to your friends and family which is perfect to gift on occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. 
  • If you want a gleaming and graceful look at weddings, our red cashmere stole (28x80) is just for you. Our cashmere stole gives you a gorgeous look with cohesive appearances which will dazzle everyone that looks at you.
  • Your Reviews and feedbacks are dearly appreciated any time. You can also check out our other collection of scarves, shawls, dresses, and other accessories on our website.

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